We are excited to announce that Host Group of Companies Pty Ltd (Host Networks) has been acquired by Anvia Holdings Corporation (ANVV) through its fully owned subsiduary Anvia (Australia) Pty Ltd.

You can view the full press release here:

How will this affect you?
To put it simply, this will not affect you.

It is important to note that there are no immediate changes being made to services or staff at Host Networks. Everything that is important to Host Networks is recognised by our new owner and they intend to preserve and help to grow our business. Everything for our team will be business as usual and the same experts will continue to provide the excellent standard of customer support that we are known for.

What will happen in future?
Host Networks will continue business as usual, but we have plans to steadily expand our scope to help our customers grow.
I will retain my position as head of Host Networks’ data centre and will be appointed to CEO for Host Group of Companies. We have exciting plans for the future, and myself and the team intend to work diligently toward our goals and expansion opportunities for the business.

If you have any questions about these changes please contact the team at Host Networks and we will be happy to help.

From myself and the whole team here at Host Networks, we want to thank our customers for their business and support over the years which has helped us to grow and continually reach new milestones.

Best regards,

Bob Woolley